Renamed Horses

Date From: 01/01/2019 To 15/11/2019

New Name

Old Name


Date Changed

Role Play My Happy Ending 2/Filly14-NOV-2019
Forever Mary Roaring 'N Soaring 4/Mare31-OCT-2019
Bellatavi (NZ) Suzy At The Sports (NZ)3/Filly29-OCT-2019
Sir Da Vinci (NZ) Fast And Single (NZ)4/Gelding24-OCT-2019
Pragmatism Hot Terra 4/Mare23-OCT-2019
Notebook Tycoon Griffo 4/Mare23-OCT-2019
Jenni Sox Rox Jenni's Sox Rocks 3/Filly22-OCT-2019
Sizzling Rush Sell The Sizzle 3/Filly22-OCT-2019
Endless River (NZ) Deep Water (NZ)3/Gelding17-OCT-2019
Elegant Snitz Zelsignoret 5/Mare15-OCT-2019
August Moon Truffle Butter 3/Filly11-OCT-2019
Add On (NZ) Massachusetts (NZ)4/Mare09-OCT-2019
Jungle Rush Jungle Beats 4/Gelding08-OCT-2019
Autumn Gold (GER) Auenturm (GER)11/Gelding04-OCT-2019
Fastzina Yulong Magic 3/Gelding01-OCT-2019
Twist Of Magic (NZ) Scantily Clad (NZ)4/Mare30-SEP-2019
Rogues Point Rouges Point 3/Gelding26-SEP-2019
Dance Monkey Amantis 4/Mare25-SEP-2019
Debt Agent (NZ) Debt Collector (NZ)7/Gelding18-SEP-2019
Gold Mount (GB) Primitivo (GB)7/Gelding16-SEP-2019
Te Akau Caliburn (IRE) Caliburn (IRE)5/Horse16-SEP-2019
Talking Nice (NZ) Tony Try Hard (NZ)4/Gelding13-SEP-2019
Thee One (NZ) Thee (NZ)3/Filly12-SEP-2019
Vert de Grece (IRE) The Monarch (IRE)8/Horse30-AUG-2019
Prince Of Arran (GB) A Prince Of Arran (GB)7/Gelding29-AUG-2019
Glamourush Brentwood 4/Mare26-AUG-2019
Cherwood Taylor Maid 5/Mare20-AUG-2019
Queen Octavia Del Punto 4/Mare13-AUG-2019
Drossin Kastor 6/Mare08-AUG-2019
Laos Enlightenment (IRE) Power Of Now (IRE)4/Horse06-AUG-2019
All Zed And Done Craiglea Zed 4/Gelding06-AUG-2019
Victoria Star (NZ) Rocstock (NZ)6/Gelding02-AUG-2019
Scotch Sun Free Verse 4/Mare02-AUG-2019
Summer Blaze (NZ) Jet Set (NZ)5/Gelding01-AUG-2019
Love On The Rocks Play The Field 3/Filly01-AUG-2019
Subpoenaed (NZ) Subpoena (NZ)3/Filly23-JUL-2019
Testament Of Truth Go Gezza Go 4/Mare19-JUL-2019
Top Me Up Again (NZ) Top Me Up (NZ)5/Gelding17-JUL-2019
It's Cochise (NZ) Cochise (NZ)7/Gelding16-JUL-2019
Urban Lumberjack (NZ) Lumberjack (NZ)4/Gelding10-JUL-2019
Lady Mika La Pinta 8/Mare10-JUL-2019
It's A Clapathunda (NZ) Clapathunda (NZ)10/Gelding09-JUL-2019
Wounded Soldier (NZ) Press Release (NZ)4/Gelding09-JUL-2019
Trygve Languishing 3/Gelding08-JUL-2019
Southern Lights Geminids 3/Colt05-JUL-2019
Our Jackfrost (NZ) Jackfrost (NZ)9/Gelding04-JUL-2019
Nova Way Amarok 4/Gelding04-JUL-2019
Recollecting (NZ) Recollect (NZ)6/Mare03-JUL-2019
Lord Belvedere (GB) Mister Belvedere (GB)6/Gelding02-JUL-2019
See It All (NZ) Clearly Now (NZ)4/Gelding02-JUL-2019
Executive Chairman (IRE) Chairman (IRE)7/Gelding28-JUN-2019
Lots Of Puddles (NZ) Puddles (NZ)4/Mare28-JUN-2019
Our Wind Spirit (NZ) Wind Spirit (NZ)4/Gelding24-JUN-2019
Delectation Girl (GB) Delectation (GB)6/Mare17-JUN-2019
Bowness (NZ) Windermere (NZ)3/Filly17-JUN-2019
Roulette Rush (NZ) Hard Hustler (NZ)4/Gelding11-JUN-2019
Seafield Road Seaford Road 3/Colt06-JUN-2019
Our Big Mike (NZ) Big Mike (NZ)7/Gelding27-MAY-2019
Canndiyara (FR) Canndiya (FR)5/Mare20-MAY-2019
Our Ellie Rose (NZ) Ellie Rose (NZ)3/Filly20-MAY-2019
Licko'paint (NZ) Numoor (NZ)4/Mare20-MAY-2019
Our Intrigue (NZ) Intrigue (NZ)4/Mare20-MAY-2019
Princess Flagrant Youwantsome 5/Mare14-MAY-2019
Home Digger Dig For Fun 5/Gelding14-MAY-2019
Grand Anthem Gruen 4/Gelding09-MAY-2019
Molly Blooms Molosso Mimosso 4/Mare02-MAY-2019
Replication Show No Mercy 3/Colt01-MAY-2019
Our Insider (NZ) Insider (NZ)5/Gelding01-MAY-2019
Kentucky Tornado (USA) Bluegrass Blizzard (USA)5/Mare01-MAY-2019
King Kiritan (GER) Kiritan (GER)6/Gelding01-MAY-2019
Mawaany Machine (IRE) Mawaany (IRE)7/Gelding30-APR-2019
Una Fuerza (USA) Fuerza (USA)7/Mare17-APR-2019
Fascino (NZ) Fascina (NZ)3/Filly17-APR-2019
Whenever Wherever (NZ) Whenever Whenever (NZ)4/Gelding16-APR-2019
Paint The Town Two (NZ) Paint The Town (NZ)5/Mare16-APR-2019
Our Volantis (NZ) Volantis (NZ)5/Mare15-APR-2019
Our Rockabyebaby (NZ) Rockabyebaby (NZ)6/Mare12-APR-2019
Elements Square (NZ) Element Square (NZ)3/Gelding11-APR-2019
Modify Stride Fixer 3/Filly11-APR-2019
Home By Midnight (NZ) Five To Midnight (NZ)7/Gelding09-APR-2019
Knights Order (IRE) Knight Errant (IRE)5/Gelding05-APR-2019
Wamwarra Bay Mutabaahy 4/Gelding04-APR-2019
He's Elusive Elusive Rain 7/Gelding04-APR-2019
Lady Bethany (NZ) Bethany (NZ)5/Mare03-APR-2019
Bless You Toby Famous Shamus 3/Gelding02-APR-2019
Battlers Four Nivelle 4/Gelding02-APR-2019
Lignite Rose My Bay Madonna 7/Mare01-APR-2019
Island Fire My Island Fire 9/Mare01-APR-2019
Of The Essence Silver Bodgie 3/Filly01-APR-2019
Harbour Views (FR) Harbour View (FR)5/Gelding28-MAR-2019
High Shine (NZ) Shine (NZ)5/Mare27-MAR-2019
Takahe (NZ) In Vino Veritas (NZ)5/Gelding26-MAR-2019
Elite Street Out In The Street 3/Gelding21-MAR-2019
Starspangled Rodeo Rhinestone Cowboy 5/Gelding19-MAR-2019
Fly For Yulong (IRE) Cascavelle (IRE)6/Horse19-MAR-2019
My Xpression (NZ) Xpression (NZ)4/Mare19-MAR-2019
He's Eminent (IRE) Eminent (IRE)6/Horse15-MAR-2019
Without Excuse Humble Heart 3/Filly14-MAR-2019
Sir Charles Road Charles Road 6/Gelding14-MAR-2019
She's A Treasure (NZ) Treasure (NZ)5/Mare12-MAR-2019
Bellszov Bourke Belleszoff 4/Mare12-MAR-2019
Beau Balmain (GER) Balmain (GER)5/Gelding11-MAR-2019
Ramsgate Hill (GER) Ramsgate (GER)5/Gelding11-MAR-2019
Our Candidate (IRE) Candidate (IRE)5/Horse04-MAR-2019
Queen Of Gingers Queen Bae 3/Filly27-FEB-2019
Saunter Boy (FR) Saunter (FR)7/Gelding26-FEB-2019
Yulong Patrol (IRE) Black Society (IRE)4/Horse26-FEB-2019
Lord Gododdin (GB) Gododdin (GB)5/Gelding25-FEB-2019
Yulong Song (IRE) Memphis (IRE)4/Gelding22-FEB-2019
Yulong Crown (IRE) Sir Perceval (IRE)4/Gelding22-FEB-2019
Master Shuhood (IRE) Shuhood (IRE)5/Gelding22-FEB-2019
Lord Lennox (GER) Lennox (GER)5/Horse20-FEB-2019
Out Proven One More Glass 4/Mare19-FEB-2019
Sir Pippin (GB) Pippin (GB)5/Gelding18-FEB-2019
Yulong Park (IRE) Gorky Park (IRE)4/Horse18-FEB-2019
Fields Of Yulong (IRE) Druid's Glen (IRE)4/Horse18-FEB-2019
Yulong Captain (IRE) T S Eliot (IRE)4/Gelding18-FEB-2019
Yulong Wall (IRE) Hadrian's Wall (IRE)4/Gelding18-FEB-2019
Dr Drill (GB) Drill (GB)5/Gelding18-FEB-2019
Super Titus (GB) Titus (GB)6/Gelding18-FEB-2019
Yulong Place (IRE) Eaton Place (IRE)4/Gelding15-FEB-2019
Yulong Dragon (IRE) Empireofthedragon (IRE)5/Horse15-FEB-2019
Yulong Chief (IRE) High Chief (IRE)4/Horse15-FEB-2019
Yulong Soldier (IRE) Lone Soldier (IRE)4/Horse15-FEB-2019
Yulong Knight (IRE) Invincible Karma (IRE)4/Horse15-FEB-2019
Yulong Town (IRE) London Town (IRE)4/Gelding15-FEB-2019
Yulong Emperor (IRE) El Greco (IRE)5/Gelding13-FEB-2019
Yulong Yuheng (IRE) Indigo Balance (IRE)4/Horse13-FEB-2019
Sheindlin Judge Judy 4/Mare13-FEB-2019
King Of Yulong (IRE) Land Force (IRE)4/Horse12-FEB-2019
Yulong Minister (IRE) Rockin Roy (IRE)4/Horse12-FEB-2019
Yulong Rising (IRE) Victory Salute (IRE)5/Gelding12-FEB-2019
Apache Rush Ocean Outcrop 4/Gelding11-FEB-2019
Beauty Generation (NZ) Montaigne (NZ)7/Gelding31-JAN-2019
Yulong Storm (USA) Bechstein (USA)4/Gelding29-JAN-2019
Advance Yulong (GER) Ancient Spirit (GER)5/Horse29-JAN-2019
Sound (GER) Sound Check (GER)7/Horse23-JAN-2019
Yulong Base (USA) Symphony Orchestra (USA)4/Gelding23-JAN-2019
Clifton Street Piazzano 4/Gelding10-JAN-2019
Persian Honey Little Minkia 5/Mare08-JAN-2019
Just In The Clear (NZ) In The Clear (NZ)5/Mare07-JAN-2019