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Renamed Horses

Date From: 01/01/2020 To 07/08/2020

New Name

Old Name


Date Changed

Charging Ahead Just Thinking 3/Filly04-AUG-2020
Ricky Bobby Family Are Strong 4/Gelding03-AUG-2020
Stratum's Reward Bullet Rocket 4/Gelding30-JUL-2020
Rivet Delight (IRE) Rivet (IRE)7/Gelding21-JUL-2020
Yubetido Steel Hot 3/Gelding20-JUL-2020
Fighter (JPN) Tenko Power (JPN)4/Gelding17-JUL-2020
Filip's Star Yulong June 5/Gelding16-JUL-2020
Big Bobby (NZ) Palrahp (NZ)4/Gelding16-JUL-2020
Jachell Alliance (NZ) Tyrrhenian (NZ)5/Gelding06-JUL-2020
Talamo (NZ) Slavery (NZ)3/Gelding04-JUL-2020
Power Me Up (NZ) Yulong Power (NZ)4/Gelding02-JUL-2020
Karpool Khan (NZ) Carpool Karaoke (NZ)4/Gelding29-JUN-2020
Think Rush Mensa 5/Gelding29-JUN-2020
Utah Get Me Two (NZ) Daumier (NZ)4/Gelding25-JUN-2020
Gift Of Lifeline Gift of Sight 5/Gelding19-JUN-2020
Celtic Belle Oxford Bella 6/Mare09-JUN-2020
Facemask Victory Royale 4/Gelding05-JUN-2020
Run On (NZ) Yulong Stride (NZ)4/Gelding02-JUN-2020
Great Buy Yulong Savings 4/Gelding02-JUN-2020
Spirit (BRZ) Jadir (BRZ)6/Gelding01-JUN-2020
Snitway Cry of Achilles 5/Gelding26-MAY-2020
Papa Cat By A Whisker 4/Gelding26-MAY-2020
Team Fortune Clay 9/Gelding26-MAY-2020
Fox Sunter Fox Panter 8/Gelding26-MAY-2020
O'reilly Miracle (NZ) Lady Lincoln (NZ)6/Mare21-MAY-2020
One Beauty Beauty Smile 3/Filly12-MAY-2020
Newtown Belle Belle of Cadiz 5/Mare12-MAY-2020
Marinated Yulong August 5/Gelding11-MAY-2020
Fortune Ahead Just My Luck 3/Colt08-MAY-2020
Lexiko Keep Two 5/Mare06-MAY-2020
Mt Mort Shark (NZ) Rip Van Wishing (NZ)3/Gelding29-APR-2020
Headman Yulong Drogo 3/Gelding29-APR-2020
Storm Torque Benny Has Spoken 4/Gelding27-APR-2020
Onya Marks Yulong Star 5/Mare17-APR-2020
Katie's Cash Grolna 6/Mare08-APR-2020
Empireofthedragon (IRE) Yulong Dragon (IRE)6/Gelding08-APR-2020
Enzed Beer (NZ) Bobby Dazzler (NZ)5/Gelding31-MAR-2020
Don'tdreamit'sover (GB) Destination (GB)5/Gelding31-MAR-2020
Savvy Nine (FR) Insandi (FR)5/Gelding30-MAR-2020
Jakkal Bro (NZ) Grinzinger Jakkal (NZ)5/Gelding23-MAR-2020
Ma Dushka Strong Alibi 5/Gelding18-MAR-2020
Sound (GER) Sound Check (GER)8/Horse16-MAR-2020
Arctic Star La Mer Celtique 5/Mare06-MAR-2020
Exceedingly Spicy Yulong Peento 4/Gelding03-MAR-2020
Krondorf Gift Basket 4/Gelding02-MAR-2020
I Am Clever Yulong Smart 3/Gelding02-MAR-2020
Summer Heat Yulong November 5/Gelding26-FEB-2020
Muds Too Hard Mudchucka 3/Gelding25-FEB-2020
Thundozer Tickets To Raasay 5/Gelding25-FEB-2020
Cherry Moon Lookalike Dad 5/Mare24-FEB-2020
Hinto Blue (NZ) Maqsood (NZ)4/Gelding18-FEB-2020
Tavion Prince (NZ) Yulong Tavion (NZ)5/Gelding18-FEB-2020
Fire Show Yulong Fireworks 3/Gelding18-FEB-2020
River Span Yulong Riverside 4/Gelding18-FEB-2020
Ugly Nicos Ugly Nimo 3/Gelding12-FEB-2020
Bright Glow Yulong Bright 4/Gelding11-FEB-2020
Loud Noise Yulong Boom 4/Gelding11-FEB-2020
Avesum Pixie Dust Genetic Code 4/Mare07-FEB-2020
Fight Master Yulong Fighter 3/Gelding31-JAN-2020
Rhapsody Star (NZ) Rhapsody (NZ)3/Filly15-JAN-2020
A Knight In Paris Yulong September 5/Gelding15-JAN-2020
Dishy's Waverton Lad 5/Gelding15-JAN-2020
Montecchio (IRE) Sparkling Power (IRE)14/Horse14-JAN-2020
Safin Muraaqeb 6/Gelding10-JAN-2020