Changing a Horse’s name

The Australian Rules of Racing allow the managing owner to apply in writing to the Registrar of Racehorses (ROR) for permission to change the name of a registered horse. If the horse's name is changed, the horse will not be permitted to run under the new name until the Document of Description or Thoroughbred Identification Card, detailing the new name, has been issued.

How do I change the name of my horse?

The ROR requires a signed letter from the managing owner of the horse or a signed letter from all registered owners authorizing the change of name. The letter must list:

  • the reason for the name change
  • the 'new name' to be given to the horse
  • the date of the horse's next race or trial, if the horse is racing

Use the Horse Search facility to check that the 'new name' for the horse is available.

How much does it cost?

Name Amendment

  • If a stable return has not been completed for the horse and the ROR receives a request to amend the name within 4 weeks of the horse’s registration being approved then the Name Amendment will be subject to a new registration fee of $110 from 1 November 2011.

Name Change

  • If a stable return has already been completed, a Name Change will take place which incurs a $300 fee.
  • If the ROR receives the request after 4 weeks of the horse's Registration (regardless of whether a stable return has been lodged or not) a Name Change will take place which incurs a $300 fee.

Does the horse's late name have to be used in the future?

Where a:

  • Name Amendment has taken place, there is no need to make reference to the horse's old or late name in the future.
  • Name Change has taken place, the late name as well as the new name must be used until the horse has run in six races in the territory of one Principal Racing Authority or two races within its Metropolitan Area or Suburban Radius. Refer to the Australian Rules of Racing (AR20 & AR21) for further information.

Lead time required for horses currently racing

To ensure that name changes processed by the ROR are completed successfully, the Registrar must receive a horse's racing papers 48hrs before a horse is to be nominated to race or trial. If the horse's racing papers are not received within this lead time, the horse will need to race under its current name to avoid confusion surrounding its identity. The 48 hour lead time also gives the ROR enough time to produce and dispatch a new set of racing papers, listing the horse's new name.