Application to Register a Horse

Please note that the Registrar will only accept Registration Forms using the most current version of the Registration Form.

Please select one of the following forms based on the number of owners with a share in the horse. An owner can be a natural person, registered syndicate, company, firm or stud.

Please Note: From 1 November 2011, the Horse Registration fee will increase to $110 and the Additional Horse Fee applicable to registered syndicates with an interest in a horse (except if it is the first horse to be registered in the syndicate's name) will increase to $40. Fees have not increased since 2003 and this additional amount will assist in contributing to rising administration costs. Please note that $20 of each registration fee is paid to the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation for the purposes of equine research.

To download the following PDF files please "Right-click" and "Save" to your local PC.

It is recommended that all owners refer to the Horse Registrar Information and use the Registrar's Naming Guidelines when completing the form. (Naming Policy)

Additional Forms:


Transfer of Ownership Forms:


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