Racehorse Identification

The Registrar of Racehorses has a comprehensive database of horse identification information for unregistered horses and registered horses foaled since 1986.

If you do not know the identity of a horse, simply complete a Horse Identification form and send it to us with a fee of $75.00.

Using the information you provide, we are able to identify registered thoroughbred horses born from 1985 onwards and unregistered thoroughbred horses born from approximately 1990 onwards. If we are able to find a horse which matches your description, we will provide an official identification certificate sufficient for showing purposes. We will also provide a copy of the horse's pedigree, dam's breeding record, sire's breeding statistics, and race record if applicable.

Every effort will be made to identify the horse based on the information you provide, however we cannot guarantee the horse will be identified. As a guide, last year 85% of horses were successfully identified.

Please note that due to the considerable time that can be spent searching for a horse, the fee of $75.00 is applicable whether the horse can be identified or not.