Racing Australia Limited

Racing Australia is the national industry body representing Thoroughbred racing in Australia.

In September 2014 Racing Information Services Australia Pty Ltd (RISA) purchased the assets of the Australian Stud Book (ASB) and the shares in capital of Australian Genetics Testing Pty Ltd (AGT). Subsequently on 13 April 2015, RISA along with its assets the ASB and AGT merged with the Australian Racing Board (ARB) to form one entity named Racing Australia Pty Ltd. On 18 September 2015, Racing Australia Pty Ltd ultimately converted from a proprietary company to a public company named Racing Australia Limited. The primary objective of the Company is to encourage and promote the Thoroughbred industry which includes the following:

  • adopting, administering and amending the Australian Rules of Racing and the Rules of the Australian Stud Book;
  • ensuring the integrity of Thoroughbred breeding in Australia by maintaining the officially published records of Thoroughbred bloodlines in Australia in the form of the Australian Stud Book complemented by the Australian Rules of Racing;
    • developing a consolidated national uniform and standard system for the collection, processing, storage, dissemination and protection of Racing Materials;
    • establishing and maintaining participation in such a consolidated national uniform and standard Racing Materials system by the Principal Racing Authorities and all others integral to the successful conduct of such system; and
    • developing procedures to maximise the integrity, and minimise duplication and data cleansing costs, with respect to all Racing Materials collected, processed and disseminated in the conduct of such a system;
  • establishing and conducting a national consolidated Racing Materials and information services business to service the Australian horse racing industry and other users of horse Racing Materials, including:
  • maintaining information regarding the ownership and identity of Thoroughbred racehorses for racing in Australia and for export including acting as the Registrar of Racehorses complemented by the Australian Rules of Racing;
  • to conduct an efficient low-cost operation; and
  • the allocation of surplus funds by way of grants to the Principal Racing Authorities in accordance with the principles of allocation set out in the Racing Australia Constitution for the purposes of encouraging and promoting horse racing in each of the States and Territories of Australia under the control of the various Principal Racing Authorities.



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