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Bevan Laming

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1st of 5
WAGG 03Nov98
Dalmacia Fast
WAGG 03Nov98 2000m Firm2 CLASS 6-SW $4,150 ($2,750) Alan Abrahams 55kg Barrier 4
2nd Red Moss 55kg, 3rd General Jackson 55kg 2:02.09 (600m 36.84), 4.3L 1-1
3rd of 6
WAGG 17Oct98
Dalmacia Fast
WAGG 17Oct98 1600m Firm2 CLASS 3-SW $4,200 ($400) Shane Pawsey 57kg Barrier 4
1st Big Agent 57kg, 2nd Aunty Hilda (NZ) 54kg 1:34.35R, 3.6L 4-1
3rd of 10
WOD 05Oct98
Dalmacia Fast
WOD 05Oct98 1600m Good3 CL4 $9,000 ($900) Michael Heagney 55kg Barrier 6
1st Big Agent 55.5kg, 2nd Baby Bear 58kg 1:37.90, 3.7L, 15-1/20-1/14-1
9th of 14
WOD 21Sep98
Dalmacia Fast
WOD 21Sep98 1200m Soft5 CL3 $8,000 Michael Heagney 52.5kg (cd 53kg) Barrier 5
1st Mister Obliging 58.5kg, 2nd Sly Sandra 56.5kg 1:13.30, 9.5L, 16-1/25-1
2nd of 8
GRIF 16May98
Dalmacia Fast
GRIF 16May98 1200m Good3 CLASS 4 $3,000 ($600) ANDREW Bloomfield 55.5kg Barrier 3
1st Brookleigh 54kg, 3rd Danzacam 53kg 1:10.00, 1.3L 3-1
9th of 14
ALB 27Mar98
Dalmacia Fast
ALB 27Mar98 1400m Firm2 CLASS 5 $12,750 ANDREW Bloomfield 53kg Barrier 2
1st Kernale 53kg, 2nd Le Bourget 56.5kg 1:24.15, 6.2L, 14-1/15-1
8th of 13
RHIL 07Sep97
Dalmacia Fast
RHIL 07Sep97 1500m Soft5 E&G CL-3 $20,068 Craig Agnew 52.5kg Barrier 11
1st Forbill 54.5kg, 2nd California 55kg 1:31.37 (600m 35.64), 3.2L, 12th@800m, 12th@400m, 33-1/16-1
9th of 9
NCLE 02Aug97
Dalmacia Fast
NCLE 02Aug97 1400m Soft5 CLASS 3 $7,400 Mr Allan Robinson 55.5kg Barrier 5
1st Zeventay 54.5kg, 2nd Star Bullet 52kg 1:27.81, 18.3L 7-2
6th of 10
WAGG 20Jul97
Dalmacia Fast
WAGG 20Jul97 1400m Soft5 CLASS 3-SW $4,600 Shane Pawsey 57kg Barrier 4
1st Fly the Green (NZ) 54.5kg, 2nd Semi Secret 57kg 1:27.31, 3.8L, 4-1/5-1/9-2
1st of 6
WAGG 28Dec96
Dalmacia Fast
WAGG 28Dec96 1600m Good3 CLASS 2 $4,000 ($2,600) Shane Pawsey 56.5kg Barrier 1
2nd Prince Ottawa 54kg, 3rd Hoskins 57kg 1:36.86, 0.5L 6-4
1st of 7
GUND 14Dec96
Dalmacia Fast
GUND 14Dec96 1400m Firm2 CLASS 1 $3,000 ($2,000) Shane Pawsey 57kg Barrier 6
2nd Brillantes 53kg, 3rd Zakynthos Island 53.5kg 1:25.50, 3L 4-6
2nd of 10
WAGG 06Dec96
Dalmacia Fast
WAGG 06Dec96 1600m Good3 CLASS 1 $4,000 ($800) Shane Pawsey 56kg Barrier 4
1st Call Me Oscar 56kg, 3rd Matanlu 55kg 1:40.66, 1.8L 3-1
2nd of 12
GUND 22Nov96
Dalmacia Fast
GUND 22Nov96 1400m Good3 CLASS 1 $4,300 ($740) Shane Pawsey 54.5kg Barrier 11
1st Trois Soeurs 56kg, 3rd Craig's Mate 54kg 1:26.16, 0.5L, 10-1/12-1/10-1
3rd of 6
WAGG 21Oct96
Dalmacia Fast
WAGG 21Oct96 1400m Firm2 CLASS 1 $4,000 ($400) Shane Pawsey 55kg Barrier 3
1st Not Only 53.5kg, 2nd Up There Cazaly 55kg 1:25.45, 0.8L, 6-1/10-1