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Racing Australia Limited

Racing Australia is the national industry body representing Thoroughbred racing in Australia.

Commencing operations on the 13th of April 2015, Racing Australia merged the functions and assets of the Australian Racing Board (ARB), Racing Information Services Australia (RISA) and the Australian Stud Book (ASB) into one entity.

Racing never stops and neither does Racing Australia. Its key Trainers and Racing Service is open seven days a week and other specialist services operate whenever racing is taking place. Racing Australia's escalation and support services are available 24/7, 365 days. Racing Australia's website provides access and the ability to transact specific industry functions at any time.

With established products and services and a team of committed people, Racing Australia is Australia's leading provider of innovative low cost services to the Racing Industry.

Importantly, Racing Australia commercialises the industry's racing materials on a national basis, through the sale of a variety of products and services such as Fields, Form and Results to a diverse range of print and digital publishers domestically and internationally.

Racing Australia continues to develop and expand the number of integrated products and services available to Principal Racing Authorities, race clubs, owners, breeders, trainers, jockeys, punters and racing enthusiasts.

Racing Australia's Principal Services and Responsibilities:

Industry Governance & National Coordination

Rules - Administer and amend the Australian Rules of Racing and the Rules of the Australian Stud Book in adherence to world's best practice standards of integrity and animal welfare.

Government - Foster strong working relationships at the political and departmental levels, including participation in government/industry partnerships, ensuring that the Commonwealth and State Governments are at all times aware of the views and objectives of the Australian Thoroughbred Racing Industry.

Industry - Maintain and build upon effective lines of consultation and communication which will inform industry stakeholders and customers of Racing Australia's aims and objectives.

Media - Promote a better understanding, knowledge and media coverage of Thoroughbred racing as a local, regional and national industry and sport.

International - Build on Racing Australia's position as a globally recognised influence and standard- setter of Thoroughbred racing with the capacity to promote Australia's interests internationally.

Racing Australia is a member of:

IFHA - International Federation of Horse Associations -
ARF - Asian Racing Federation -
ISBC - International Stud Book Committee -


ON-COURSE RACEBOOKS - Racing Australia racebooks engage both the casual and regular racegoer and are created with the intention of stimulating interest in racing and turnover. Racing Australia offers a range of innovative options and can prepare customisable racebooks to suit individual race clubs needs combining the strength of pre-press tools and extensive experience. The on course racebook can also be complemented by an online flip book version.

OTHER PRINT PUBLICATIONS - With full design capabilities Racing Australia has assisted many in the industry with the design of other print products such as Breeding Booklets and Catalogues, flyers, business cards and promotional banners.

Owners and Breeders Services

Owners and Breeders Services

Owners and Breeders Services

Stud Book - The Australian Stud Book is the official record and publication of Thoroughbred bloodlines for horses born in Australia. Its core responsibility is the maintenance, accuracy, quality and integrity of these records. The Australian Stud Book operates under the Rules of the Australian Stud Book and the Australian Rules of Racing.

Registrar of Racehorses - The Registrar of Racehorses is the official record of ownership and naming of thoroughbred racehorses for racing in Australia and for export. The Registrar of Racehorses operates under the Australian Rules of Racing.

Trainers and Racing Services

of Race Fields - Via a 1800 service available seven days a week or via the online alternative Stable Assist, Racing Australia is the official entity which compiles in conjunction with PRA's, distributes and publishes Race Fields, for all States and Territories (except WA). Via these services trainers lodge; nominations, acceptances, scratchings and stable returns. Trainers and Racing Services operates under the Australian Rules of Racing.

Race Results - Maintenance of the official race results database for all States and Territories as well as past performance (Form) database which Racing Australia distributes and publishes.

Form Comments - Creation of and publication of unique Form Comments for all TAB Race Meetings across Australia to be used in conjunction with Racing Australia Fields and Form products.

Connect - High-functionality, web-based messaging service providing a low-cost communications system for the thoroughbred industry via SMS, email, voice & fax. There are no upfront fees. Clients pay only for messages successfully sent. Messages can be formatted in keeping with the users existing communications The system can be fully self-service or Racing Australia can send messages on the user's behalf.

Owners and Breeders Services

Owners and Breeders Services

Digital Services


Racing Australia has extensive experience in developing and hosting full websites for clients such as race club’s and racing carnivals. Where a client has an existing website but is looking to integrate enhanced Racing Materials (Such as Fields, Form, Results), Racing Australia offers an iFrame solution which is used by a number or principal racing authorities, race clubs, trainers and industry associations. Leveraging this experience Racing Australia also builds and hosts a number of specialist mobile sites for principal racing authorities and race clubs.

Technical Services

National System - In a significant milestone for the Thoroughbred Racing Industry, Racing Australia has been developing a Unified Single National System following the ratification and agreement by all of RISA's shareholders the Principal Racing Authorities (PRA's).

The Single National System (SNS) heralds an unparalleled and unique opportunity for the industry to consolidate its many core technology platforms onto one system. The SNS is already creating opportunities for greater efficiencies, removal of duplications in infrastructure in each State and Territory and substantive benefits for industry participants in many of their core interactions including but not limited to licensing, ownership/horse registration, stakes payments and bonus scheme administration. Stewards and Handicappers along with Racing Departments are amongst key industry stakeholders who will also benefit from access to the SNS. Importantly the SNS is not about changing who performs the business process rather providing a set of unified tools.

The final phases of the SNS will be completed throughout 2015 including the release of a unique identification profile for each industry participant irrespective of where they reside or what role they may play in the industry at any one time and providing industry. The unique profile will be used to provide industry participants with the capacity to engage and transact online with the Thoroughbred industry in the digital age.

Owners and Breeders Services