Renamed Horses

Date From: 01/01/2018 To 21/09/2018

New Name

Old Name


Date Changed

Frascati Miss (NZ) Frascati (NZ)4/Mare20-SEP-2018
Ellofarock El Dowla 3/Filly18-SEP-2018
Ouranya Cassoulet 3/Filly18-SEP-2018
Avoca Joseph My Dad Joe 6/Gelding17-SEP-2018
Zip A Dee Doo Dah (NZ) Civilian (NZ)7/Gelding17-SEP-2018
Our Sea Goddess (NZ) Sea Goddess (NZ)4/Mare11-SEP-2018
Andiamo Miss Andiamo Fica 3/Filly05-SEP-2018
Sir Charles Road Charles Road 5/Gelding04-SEP-2018
Succendam (GB) Blast Off (GB)3/Gelding04-SEP-2018
Reenpeski Shmoo Monkey 3/Filly03-SEP-2018
Take It Intern (IRE) Intern (IRE)5/Gelding30-AUG-2018
Our Crown Jewels (NZ) Crown Jewels (NZ)2/Filly30-AUG-2018
Kemono (JPN) Cassius (JPN)4/Horse27-AUG-2018
Compounding (NZ) One Won One (NZ)3/Filly16-AUG-2018
Deep Euphoria (NZ) Euphoria (NZ)5/Mare14-AUG-2018
Karaoke Two Songs 3/Gelding09-AUG-2018
She Gives A Damn She's Bonzer 3/Filly08-AUG-2018
Wrecking Crew Raahee 3/Gelding06-AUG-2018
Stella Maris Estella Maris 3/Filly06-AUG-2018
Mr Moonlight Magic (GB) Moonlight Magic (GB)6/Horse27-JUL-2018
Manhattan Rush Star of New York 4/Gelding23-JUL-2018
Miss Fialka (NZ) Fialka (NZ)3/Filly17-JUL-2018
Tala Rikisa Quaralia 3/Filly17-JUL-2018
Our Libretto (NZ) Libretto (NZ)5/Mare12-JUL-2018
Brook Royal Brook 3/Filly11-JUL-2018
Raphie's Choice Yulong Xingsheng 4/Mare11-JUL-2018
Our Malambo (NZ) Malambo (NZ)4/Mare10-JUL-2018
Shezandi As Magic Hands 3/Filly06-JUL-2018
Mr Sheridan (NZ) Sheridan (NZ)6/Gelding05-JUL-2018
Mr Haussmann (NZ) Haussmann (NZ)4/Gelding03-JUL-2018
Damselfly's Kept (NZ) Damselfly (NZ)5/Mare29-JUN-2018
I Am Coldplay (NZ) Coldplay (NZ)6/Mare27-JUN-2018
Princess Jenni (NZ) Jenni Twinkle (NZ)3/Filly27-JUN-2018
Freddie The Forger Super Goal 5/Gelding25-JUN-2018
Mr Clarify (NZ) Clarify (NZ)6/Gelding25-JUN-2018
Gorush Lightning American Light 4/Gelding25-JUN-2018
Pharaohs Rush Lankan Pharaoh 4/Gelding25-JUN-2018
Tennessee Diamond Cameron Diazzler 4/Mare20-JUN-2018
Sam Hozier 4/Gelding19-JUN-2018
Phil's Joy Brunilla 4/Mare08-JUN-2018
First Footman (GER) Footman (GER)5/Gelding06-JUN-2018
It's Pantea (NZ) Pantea (NZ)3/Filly30-MAY-2018
Louisiana Belle (NZ) Louisiana (NZ)4/Mare30-MAY-2018
King Ryker (NZ) Ryker (NZ)7/Gelding24-MAY-2018
Dashtorush Dashton 4/Gelding22-MAY-2018
Major Rush Isosceles 3/Gelding22-MAY-2018
Belfast Bella (FR) Belfast (FR)5/Mare18-MAY-2018
Bombarding (NZ) Bombard (NZ)4/Gelding16-MAY-2018
The Wildflower (NZ) Wildflower (NZ)6/Mare16-MAY-2018
Just Send It Killingworth Kid 4/Gelding15-MAY-2018
Our Gravano (NZ) Gravano (NZ)6/Gelding14-MAY-2018
Red Jewel Girl (NZ) Red Jewel (NZ)5/Mare10-MAY-2018
The Bostonian (NZ) Bostonian (NZ)4/Gelding10-MAY-2018
High Sherrif (NZ) Sherrif (NZ)4/Gelding09-MAY-2018
Star Of Gretchen (NZ) Gretchen (NZ)18/Mare07-MAY-2018
Mercy Street (NZ) Balaha (NZ)5/Gelding04-MAY-2018
Archer's Paradox TRENCHANT LOVE 3/Filly23-APR-2018
Lord Of Darkness (NZ) Majestic Warrior (NZ)3/Gelding19-APR-2018
The Bedouin (IRE) Bedouin (IRE)5/Gelding13-APR-2018
On The White Turf (NZ) White Turf (NZ)3/Filly10-APR-2018
Pre Stwick (JPN) Prestwick (JPN)8/Horse04-APR-2018
Osmium Rockwithu 3/Colt04-APR-2018
She's A Treasure (NZ) Treasure (NZ)4/Mare03-APR-2018
Lucky For All (NZ) Lucky For Some (NZ)4/Gelding29-MAR-2018
Penasquito Hosung Spirit 3/Gelding22-MAR-2018
Bass (JPN) Wisconsin (JPN)5/Gelding22-MAR-2018
Our Venice Beach (IRE) Venice Beach (IRE)5/Horse22-MAR-2018
Steps (IRE) Spanish Steps (IRE)5/Gelding22-MAR-2018
Mahlia Smokin' Hot Fox 4/Mare21-MAR-2018
The Lord Mayor (NZ) The Mayor (NZ)4/Gelding21-MAR-2018
La Bella Diosa (NZ) La Diosa (NZ)5/Mare20-MAR-2018
Sydney Approach Edge Hill 5/Gelding13-MAR-2018
Laudable Lad Laudable Lemon 6/Gelding08-MAR-2018
Vibrant Vixen Armani Vixen 5/Mare08-MAR-2018
Shadal (IRE) Tansheet (IRE)4/Gelding01-MAR-2018
Behrooz (NZ) Valiant Mate (NZ)6/Gelding23-FEB-2018
Sadah Mahal 4/Gelding22-FEB-2018
Here He Comes (NZ) Comin'through (NZ)5/Gelding21-FEB-2018
Newtown is Coming Otto From Hamburg 6/Gelding21-FEB-2018
Exceedingly Brave Acknowledge Him 4/Gelding19-FEB-2018
Lynn's Dream Lynnseed 3/Filly15-FEB-2018
Montecchio (IRE) Sparkling Power (IRE)12/Horse14-FEB-2018
Yankee Bubbles Sheza Yankee 5/Mare13-FEB-2018
Charlotte's Girl (NZ) Charlotte's Web (NZ)4/Mare09-FEB-2018
Beauty Best Just for Tilda 6/Gelding08-FEB-2018
Live And Free (NZ) Patrician (NZ)4/Gelding08-FEB-2018
Master Jones (NZ) Caballo Blanco (NZ)5/Gelding07-FEB-2018
Hoovesgotcha (NZ) Secret Harmony (NZ)5/Mare06-FEB-2018
What a Vision (NZ) Visualise (NZ)3/Filly17-JAN-2018
Harden Up Tiger Tropical Cat 6/Gelding13-JAN-2018
D'great Run Captain's Run 4/Gelding12-JAN-2018
Convoke My Boy Mac 6/Gelding12-JAN-2018
We Leica (NZ) Leica Girl (NZ)25/Mare07-JAN-2018
Mr Garcia (GB) Garcia (GB)6/Gelding06-JAN-2018
Just Shine (NZ) Shine On (NZ)6/Gelding05-JAN-2018
A Shower of Roses (GB) Shower of Roses (GB)11/Mare02-JAN-2018