Rick A Nelson

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8th of 10
SALE 12Feb98
Rare Silk
SALE 12Feb98 1100m Good3 3Y CL1 $9,000 Mr Steven Noll 54.5kg Barrier 10
1st No Mystery 55kg, 2nd Rokslad 55.5kg 1:03.60, 6.7L, 8th@400m 25-1
4th of 11
S CK 13Dec97
Rare Silk
S CK 13Dec97 1100m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $5,000 ($250) Rikki Cartwright 55.5kg Barrier 1
1st Casiraghi 55.5kg, 2nd The Laird 55.5kg 1:05.50, 5.1L, 14-1/15-1
5th of 12
SALE 18Nov97
Rare Silk
SALE 18Nov97 1100m Good3 3YCGMDN-SW $6,000 Rikki Cartwright 55.5kg Barrier 8
1st Carolina Moon 55.5kg, 2nd Proud Magic 52.5kg 1:05.40, 7.7L, 7th@400m, 25-1/33-1
13th of 13
TAT 29Jun97
TAT 29Jun97 1600m Soft5 MDN-SW $5,000 Ms Cathy Dowling 55kg Barrier 2
1st Mikadus (NZ) 55kg, 2nd Romantic Star 57kg 1:39.50, 25.5L, 50-1/66-1
14th of 14
CRAN 20May97
CRAN 20May97 1400m Soft5 F&M MDN-SW $6,000 Jason Missen 55kg Barrier 5
1st Shiosaki 55kg, 2nd Amadi's Eclat (NZ) 55kg 1:27.50, 16L, 13th@800m, 13th@400m, 50-1/100-1
11th of 14
WERR 12Apr97
WERR 12Apr97 1000m Firm2 F&M MDN-SW $5,000 Jason Missen 54kg Barrier 2
1st Antinea 54kg, 2nd Flash Fairy 54kg 0:58.60, 12.6L, 33-1/50-1