Wayne Hudd

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9th of 9
WOD 26Dec01
Sea Causeway
WOD 26Dec01 1200m Good3 CL4 $6,000 Mr Murray Hillier 58kg Barrier 9
1st Questwin 57.5kg, 2nd Bush Beauty 57kg 1:11.40, 13L $13
11th of 12
ALB 15Dec01
Sea Causeway
ALB 15Dec01 1400m Good3 OPEN HCP $4,000 Mr Murray Hillier 53kg Barrier 1
1st Poetic Glory 53kg, 2nd Ralahamy 53.5kg 1:24.28, 7L $5
8th of 11
WOD 02Dec01
Sea Causeway
WOD 02Dec01 1400m Good3 CL4 $10,000 Mr Murray Hillier 57.5kg Barrier 5
1st Bush Beauty 53.5kg, 2nd Tonvenor 55kg 1:23.21, 7.3L, 6th@800m, 6th@400m, $21/$31
7th of 10
ALB 17Nov01
Sea Causeway
ALB 17Nov01 1175m Good3 CLASS 6 $4,000 Mr Murray Hillier 55.5kg Barrier 5
1st Midnight Rager 56kg, 2nd Anteego 55kg 1:08.81, 7.6L $7
6th of 8
ALB 07Apr01
Sea Causeway
ALB 07Apr01 1600m Good3 OPEN HCP $4,000 Michael Travers 53kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 7
1st My Name's Mcginty 54.5kg, 2nd Seagal 53kg 1:36.23, 2.9L 11-1
8th of 13
ALB 22Mar01
Sea Causeway
ALB 22Mar01 1175m Soft7 QLTY HCP $18,800 ANDREW Bloomfield 52kg Barrier 1
1st Ekalaka 58.5kg, 2nd Chevette 56.5kg 1:12.64, 11.7L, 10-1/14-1
5th of 5
TOW 10Mar01
Sea Causeway
TOW 10Mar01 1200m Good3 HCP $9,000 ANDREW Bloomfield 55kg Barrier 1
1st Full of Spirit 57.5kg, 2nd Dominating (NZ) 58kg 1:09.50, 5.9L $4
2nd of 14
ALB 04Mar01
Sea Causeway
ALB 04Mar01 1000m Good3 OPEN HCP $5,000 ($1,000) ANDREW Bloomfield 53kg Barrier 13
1st Sir Talaq 59kg, 3rd Full of Spirit 52kg 0:58.34, 3L, 8-1/10-1
3rd of 10
ALB 02Feb01
Sea Causeway
ALB 02Feb01 1400m Good3 OPEN HCP $5,000 ($500) ANDREW Bloomfield 53kg Barrier 2
1st Mr. Macada 53kg, 2nd Harlem Gold 53.5kg 1:23.83, 0.3L, 5-1/5-1
2nd of 8
WAGG 30Dec00
Sea Causeway
WAGG 30Dec00 1200m Good3 CLASS 6 $4,000 ($800) Michael Travers 54.5kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 7
1st The Prince And You 50kg, 3rd Symbol King 56kg 1:10.62 (600m 34.21), 0.2L 6-1
7th of 8
ALB 09Dec00
Sea Causeway
ALB 09Dec00 1175m Good3 OPEN HCP $4,000 Luke Grealy (a) 53kg (cd 50kg) Barrier 8
1st Jumpin' Jive 53kg, 2nd Sir Talaq 52kg 1:09.08, 4.3L 4-1
4th of 9
WAGG 19Nov00
Sea Causeway
WAGG 19Nov00 1200m Good3 CLASS 6 $5,000 ($200) ANDREW Bloomfield 56kg Barrier 1
1st Short Run 53.5kg, 2nd Frank's Star 53.5kg 1:09.81 (600m 33.94), 1.1L, 5-2/4-1
9th of 10
ALB 03Nov00
Sea Causeway
ALB 03Nov00 1000m Soft7 OPEN HCP $5,000 ANDREW Bloomfield 53kg Barrier 5
1st Del Boca Vista 57.5kg, 2nd Another Timah 55.5kg 1:00.75, 5.3L, 16-1/20-1
10th of 15
WAGG 04May00
Sea Causeway
WAGG 04May00 1400m Heavy10 HCP $51,300 ANDREW Bloomfield 52kg Barrier 6
1st Allez Cheval 52.5kg, 2nd Verdict Declared 56kg 1:28.61, 8.4L 50-1
1st of 6
ALB 25Apr00
Sea Causeway
ALB 25Apr00 1400m Good3 CLASS 6 $5,000 ($3,250) ANDREW Bloomfield 54kg Barrier 5
2nd My Name's Mcginty 57.5kg, 3rd Doubling 53kg 1:23.83, 0.3L 4-1
6th of 12
ALB 30Mar00
Sea Causeway
ALB 30Mar00 1175m Good3 CLASS 3 $6,200 Travis Creek 55.5kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 2
1st My Name's Mcginty 54kg, 2nd Pentagonal 55kg 1:08.91, 5.4L 6-1
6th of 12
ALB 19Mar00
Sea Causeway
ALB 19Mar00 1175m Good3 CLASS 3 $5,000 Michael Travers 57.5kg (cd 54.5kg) Barrier 9
1st Glory Boy 54kg, 2nd Rancho's Toy 56kg 1:10.56, 5.5L, 2-1/4-1
1st of 8
ALB 13Dec99
Sea Causeway
ALB 13Dec99 1175m Firm2 CLASS 4 $5,000 ($3,250) Michael Travers 55.5kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 3
2nd Baby Bear 56kg, 3rd Swoopy Do 54kg 1:09.31, 0.1L, 5-2/5-1
1st of 15
ALB 26Nov99
Sea Causeway
ALB 26Nov99 1400m Good3 CLASS 1 $5,100 ($3,350) Michael Travers 57kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 1
2nd Weowna Ruler 53kg, 3rd Impatient 54kg 1:23.61, 0.1L, 7-1/9-1
1st of 15
ALB 13Nov99
Sea Causeway
ALB 13Nov99 1175m Good3 MDN $4,000 ($2,600) Michael Travers 57kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 1
2nd Fingerprint 53.5kg, 3rd Shabank 53.5kg 1:11.17, 0.4L 7-4
2nd of 14
ALB 29Oct99
Sea Causeway
ALB 29Oct99 1175m Good3 MDN $5,000 ($1,000) Michael Travers 56kg (cd 53kg) Barrier 12
1st Barbara 53.5kg, 3rd Showace 53.5kg 1:11.30, 0.3L 15-1
5th of 9
ALB 04Jun99
Sea Causeway
ALB 04Jun99 1000m Heavy10 2&3YO MDN $5,000 ANDREW Bloomfield 57kg Barrier 3
1st Must Relax 55.5kg, 2nd Myamble 53.5kg 1:01.06, 8.1L, 4-1/6-1