Stewart Mackinnon

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11th of 11
CANB 21Feb99
Aqua Patch
CANB 21Feb99 1400m Good3 MDN $10,350 Mr Garry Buchanan 54kg Barrier 4
1st Sir to Me 53kg, 2nd Opera Fair 53kg 1:24.68 (600m 36.66), 99.9L, 100-1/200-1
12th of 12
QBYN 07Feb99
Aqua Patch
QBYN 07Feb99 1000m Good3 MDN $5,000 Peter Millynn 55kg Barrier 12
1st Sir Grif 57kg, 2nd Hollywood Lights 54kg 0:58.22 (600m 34.88), 23L, 33-1/100-1/66-1