Rod Cloherty

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13th of 14
SW H 11Jun00
Quick Knock
SW H 11Jun00 1600m Good3 MDN-SW $10,000 Ms Christine Puls 57kg Barrier 10
1st Bonglow 54kg, 2nd Raffin Kruz 51.5kg 1:39.09, 12.5L 50-1
12th of 13
BDGO 03Jun00
Quick Knock
BDGO 03Jun00 1600m Soft7 3Y MDN-SW $6,000 Ms Lauren Hellicar 56.5kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 5
1st War Drum 56.5kg, 2nd Zemus 56.5kg 1:40.04, 12.5L 66-1
10th of 10
ECHA 17Jan00
Quick Knock
ECHA 17Jan00 1600m Good3 MDN-SW $7,000 Mrs Kylie Corboy 55.5kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 8
1st Showranch 57kg, 2nd Lenashee 54.5kg 1:38.61, 15.2L, 20-1/50-1
9th of 11
BBT 01Jan00
Quick Knock
BBT 01Jan00 1350m Good3 MDN-SW $5,500 Mrs Kylie Corboy 55.5kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 10
1st Red Ransom Note 55.5kg, 2nd Art 'n' Soul 57kg 1:21.30, 17.6L 20-1
10th of 10
DON 14Nov99
Quick Knock
DON 14Nov99 1350m Good3 3YCGMDN-SW $6,000 Ms Christine Puls 56.5kg Barrier 7
1st Dapper Zap 56.5kg, 2nd Roamabout 56.5kg 1:20.95, 19.3L, 25-1/33-1
9th of 9
SEYM 20May99
Quick Knock
SEYM 20May99 1300m Good3 2Y HCP $6,000 Phillip Alderman 55kg Barrier 3
1st Crawl 57kg, 2nd Special Clearance (NZ) 51.5kg 1:18.30, 20L, 9th@800m, 9th@400m, 20-1/50-1
9th of 10
TAT 01May99
Quick Knock
TAT 01May99 1400m Good3 2Y HCP $5,000 Peter Hutchinson 55kg Barrier 2
1st Great Export 55.5kg, 2nd Starenda (NZ) 52.5kg 1:26.80, 11.5L 40-1
9th of 10
WANG 19Apr99
Quick Knock
WANG 19Apr99 1400m Good3 2Y HCP $7,100 Peter Hutchinson 57kg Barrier 3
1st Vinifera Lady 53.5kg, 2nd Great Export 55.5kg 1:25.17, 20L, 6-1/10-1
7th of 9
YEA 08Apr95
Luminism (NZ)
YEA 08Apr95 2100m Heavy10 PIC-CL6 $1,500 Mr Harry Bacon 62kg Barrier 4
1st White Monday 62kg, 2nd Sean's Reward 61.5kg 2:30.10, 13.7L 6-1