John Manzelmann

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6th of 9
BATH 30Oct98
Kisses for Gold
BATH 30Oct98 1300m Soft5 F&M MDN $5,020 Kim Bell 53.5kg Barrier 2
1st Anna Liffey 54kg, 2nd Brilliant Zonda 56kg 1:18.80, 5.7L 25-1
11th of 13
GOUL 16Oct98
Kisses for Gold
GOUL 16Oct98 1600m Good3 MDN $5,020 Bobby El-Issa 53.5kg Barrier 10
1st Archidamia 55.5kg, 2nd Intrepid Step 53.5kg 1:37.49, 13.8L, 12-1/14-1