George Osborne

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2nd of 10
DON 19Aug01
DON 19Aug01 1350m Good3 CL3 $6,000 ($1,200) Dale Missen 55kg Barrier 6
1st Bricklin's Brother 53kg, 3rd Frelita 53kg 1:20.12, 0.5L, $3.2/$3.20
4th of 14
MILD 27Jul01
MILD 27Jul01 1300m Soft5 3Y CL3 $17,000 ($850) Mr Terry Barry 54.5kg Barrier 12
1st Mad Bob 50kg, 2nd Fantasies 52kg 1:19.17, 1.8L, 13th@800m, 11th@400m, $8/$10/$8
2nd of 9
MILD 27Jul01
MILD 27Jul01 1900m Soft5 4UP CL3 $10,000 ($2,000) Mr Terry Barry 52kg Barrier 7
1st Big Ton's Mum 53kg, 3rd Flash of Light 54.5kg 2:00.93, 1.3L, 8th@800m, 6th@400m, $9/$12
2nd of 11
ECHA 13Jul01
ECHA 13Jul01 1416m Soft7 3Y CL3 $10,200 ($3,400) Mr Jason Patton 54kg Barrier 3
1st Ming's Finale 53kg, 3rd Fore Stay (NZ) 58kg 1:26.32, 0.2L, 7th@800m, 6th@400m, $16/$17/$13
2nd of 9
MILD 09Jul01
MILD 09Jul01 1200m Heavy10 3Y CL2 $10,000 ($3,400) Dale Missen 55kg Barrier 6
1st Sangiovese 58kg, 3rd Mad Bob 55kg 1:16.82, 1.5L, 3rd@800m, 4th@400m, $13/$13
13th of 14
BDGO 26Jun01
BDGO 26Jun01 1100m Soft5 2YC&G MDN-SW $8,000 Mr Terry Barry 56.5kg Barrier 11
1st Smytzer's Officer 56.5kg, 2nd Hefty 56.5kg 1:06.92, 13.7L, 14th@800m, 14th@400m, $41/$41
1st of 9
MILD 18Jun01
MILD 18Jun01 1200m Soft5 3Y CL2 $7,250 ($9,613) Mr Terry Barry 56.5kg Barrier 3
2nd Sangiovese 57kg, 3rd Raise Cash 58kg 1:14.30, 3L, 8th@800m, 4th@400m, $2.1/$2.35
1st of 12
BLLA 11Jun01
BLLA 11Jun01 1400m Soft5 3Y CL1 $6,000 ($8,800) Brad Rawiller 57kg Barrier 1
2nd Hell of a Toy 55.5kg, 3rd Lady Babushka 55kg 1:24.62 (800m 47.24), 3.5L, $2.8/$3.2/$3
8th of 9
BLLA 28May01
BLLA 28May01 1400m Soft5 3YF MDN-SW $7,000 Brad Rawiller 56.5kg Barrier 5
1st Torriva 55kg, 2nd La Banca (NZ) 56.5kg 1:24.60 (800m 48.43), 7.3L, 7th@800m, 8th@400m, $9/$15
3rd of 12
SEYM 13May01
SEYM 13May01 1100m Soft5 3YC&G MDN-SW $6,000 ($1,300) Brad Rawiller 56.5kg Barrier 12
1st Lontano 56.5kg, 2nd Gold Pele 56.5kg 1:03.39, 10L, 8th@800m, 6th@400m, $3.8/$4.2/$3.80
8th of 13
SEYM 13May01
SEYM 13May01 1100m Soft5 3YF MDN-SW $6,000 Brad Rawiller 56.5kg Barrier 3
1st Shania Heights 56.5kg, 2nd Magic Ripper 56.5kg 1:05.64, 5.3L, 13th@800m, 13th@400m, $21/$41