21yo Grey Gelding
D.O.B: 18-Nov-1997
5x Pedigree Report

Status Retired
Owner’s Details at retirement
(when Racing Australia is advised)
Mr BH Huang, Mr SF Ng
Stewards Embargoes Current - Nil
Emergency Vaccination Record (Click here for more details)
Last Gear Change* None on record.
Racing Colours White, Blue Crossbelts, Red & Blue Sleeves, Red Cap
Career Summary: 19-1:4:1    Prizemoney: $11,385    
Min/Max-Dist-Win: 1207/1207     1st Up: 4:0-0-0    2nd Up: 3:0-0-0    
Track: 0:0-0-0    Dist: 9:1-2-1    Track/Dist: 0:0-0-0
Firm: 1:0-0-0     Good: 13:0-4-1     Soft: 5:1-0-0     Heavy: 0:0-0-0    Synthetic: 0:0-0-0
Note: WA Gear Changes may be incomplete

1st of 14 TWBA 27Oct01 1207m Soft5 MDN $6,875 ($4,510) Kenji Yoshida 56.5kg (cd 55kg) Barrier 10
2nd Brock's Mate 54kg, 3rd Bishop Bill 56kg 1:15.20 (600m 37.25), 0.8L, 5-2/9-4/5-2
14th of 14 GCST 17Nov01 1200m Good3 CL1 $7,000 Paul Hammersley 56kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 5
1st Canadian Celest 55kg, 2nd Dark Desire 55kg 1:10.92 (600m 36.54), 12.9L, 7-2/4-1/7-2
12th of 12 TWBA 23Mar02 1219m Good3 CL2 $6,875 Jason Sharp 54kg Barrier 12
1st Bridle Warrior 54kg, 2nd Ignassi 53kg 1:14.86 (600m 37.44), 16.5L, 12-1/12-1/14-1
10th of 10 TWBA 28Dec02 1000m Good3 CL1 $7,000 Bradley Appo 55.5kg Barrier 2
1st Our Bellavita 54kg, 2nd Murdsa 58kg 1:00.47 (600m 35.22), 13.4L, 6-1/9-1/10-1
9th of 10 TWBA 11Jan03 1106m Firm2 CL1 $6,875 Bradley Appo 54.5kg Barrier 4
1st Paralo 58.5kg, 2nd Top Bolt 54kg 1:06.59 (600m 35.78), 13.8L, 10-1/14-1/20-1