22yo Grey Gelding
D.O.B: 30-Oct-1995
5x Pedigree Report

Status Retired
Owner’s Details at retirement
(when Racing Australia is advised)
Mr RH Smith
Stewards Embargoes None on record
Emergency Vaccination Record (Click here for more details)
Last Gear Change* 07-Apr-1999, Pacifiers, Off
Racing Colours
Career Summary: 7-0:0:0    Prizemoney: $0    
1st Up: 2:0-0-0    2nd Up: 2:0-0-0    
Track: 0:0-0-0    Dist: 2:0-0-0    Track/Dist: 0:0-0-0
Firm: 0:0-0-0     Good: 4:0-0-0     Soft: 2:0-0-0     Heavy: 1:0-0-0    Synthetic: 0:0-0-0
Note: NSW & WA Gear Changes may be incomplete

9th of 10 WKBL 07Feb99 1000m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $6,000 Mr Phil Beaton 56.5kg Barrier 4
1st Colossus of Rhodes 56.5kg, 2nd Market Bull 56.5kg 0:59.50, 6.9L, 20-1/25-1
7th of 10 HSHM 22Feb99 1090m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $6,000 Mr Phil Beaton 56.5kg Barrier 3
1st Market Bull 56.5kg, 2nd Hidden Account 54.5kg 1:04.30, 5.9L, 25-1/33-1
8th of 10 Y VL 13Mar99 1200m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $5,000 Mr Phil Beaton 56.5kg Barrier 4
1st Desert Song 54kg, 2nd Our New Toy 56.5kg 1:11.20, 11.2L, 20-1/33-1
9th of 13 DON 20Mar99 1620m Heavy10 MDN-SW $5,000 Mr Phil Beaton 56.5kg Barrier 8
1st Lincoln Circuit 56.5kg, 2nd Wrench 56.5kg 1:44.30, 11.6L, 16-1/25-1
11th of 11 MORN 08Apr99 1500m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $6,000 Mr Eddie Cassar 56.5kg Barrier 8
1st Georgia 54kg, 2nd Lawrence 56.5kg 1:33.91, 11.2L, 1st@800m, 1st@400m, 33-1/40-1