Racing Australia Technology

Development & maintenance of web-based fields & form and industry-based databases and software.

The Racing Australia Technology team has worked closely with the industry to support the various changes to operations and rules of racing when they arise. Such variations include benchmarking and handicapping solutions whereby Racing Australia Technology have facilitated the business logic and programming required in order to support the change at a database level.

Furthermore, the Racing Australia Technology team recently completed an automation project which minimised human intervention in the supply of Racing Materials to clients. This automation has significantly improved the timeliness and accuracy of Racing Material supply, which has resulted in Racing Australia Technology being able to provide more enhanced services to the industry and commercial clients.

Consistent with Racing Australia's ongoing review of infrastructure, the Racing Australia Technology team recently completed a successful relocation of Racing Australia's core systems to a new data centre and in the process moved to a new telecommunications provider and implemented additional layers of telecommunications redundancy, adding further support to the IRIS database.

Racing Australia Technology were also involved in the development of the National Racedate Scheduler System, which enables each PRA to utilise a single system when programming for future racing seasons, so that each PRA now has the ability to view other PRA's racing dates and a more cohesive National Calender can be achieved.