Racing Australia Service Centre

Online & phone service for trainers to manage nominations, acceptances, scratchings & stable returns.

A Customer Service Representative is ready to ensure a customer's experience with Racing Australia is positive and satisfying.

The Racing Australia Service Centre provides exceptional customer service to the racing industry, is a personal contact point for Racing Australia retail customers, and offers operational support to PRA's. The core focus of the Racing Australia Service centre continues to be the compilation of race fields via transaction of nominations, acceptances, scratchings, gear and stable returns for all states and territories in Australia (excluding WA).


Trainers can lodge race transactions for all TAB and Non-TAB race meetings across Australia (excluding WA) and for selected trial meetings by contacting a Customer Service Reprehensive or on-line via StableAssist (hyperlink). The Racing Australia Service Centre also provides customer service support to trainers using StableAssist (hyperlink), including setting up new accounts and responding to enquiries regarding race fields information. Furthermore, the Racing Australia Service Centre personally notify trainers with emergency runners once they gain a run.

Principal Racing Authorities (PRA's)

The Racing Australia Service Centre liaises daily with several PRA departments including Racing Operations, Licensing & Stewards. Support is provided by way of standard and added services to PRA'S, and to trainers and owners on the PRA's behalf. This includes the closing of all Race Meetings and release of scratching information, communication at a PRA level regarding meeting review & release, and follow-up notifications to relevant operational staff and clients. The Service Centre also notifies the stewards of any discrepancies after conducting daily comparison checks of owner names recorded in both Stable Returns and on the Registrar of Racehorses.

The Racing Australia Service Centre's added services include the automated barrier draws and field release on behalf of particular PRA's and communication to industry participants via email or SMS regarding extended nominations. The Racing Australia Service Centre also delivers daily track conditions via SMS to trainers on behalf of the PRA and email notifications to owners regarding horses racing.

Race Clubs

The Racing Australia Service Centre liaises with Race Clubs daily in order to capture track information for upcoming meetings. Furthermore, to assist on Race Day, official package information is circulated on behalf of the Race Club and support for the use of RISAConnect (Hyperlink) is also offered. When required, the Racing Australia Service Centre can also facilitate communication on behalf of a Race Club.

Subscribers & General Enquiries

The Racing Australia Service Centre provides customer service support to subscribers, assistance in regard to establishing on-line accounts and will respond to all general enquiries.